Love Tea Bar

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Leclerc et Pimpant: côté Paris right now

un peu de literature les gazous ici: ça gaze pas mal, j’en ai encore mal au ventre!!! ie: super funny…



Marina Abramovic latest performance in Sao-Paulo Brazil

The more I hear about Marina’s work the more I want to meet her…For those fortunate enough to be in Brazil click on the link.

inspirational material, well diffused


Hassan Hajjaj- pop art made in Marrakesh post

Introducing the Kesh Angels,  brilliant pop art made in Marrakesh by Hassan HajjajHajjaj-1_custom-13ef3f388d9ed01cd8a971594a0d0181a87ef6e0-s800-c85 Hajjaj-8_custom-d739620408b53f7ad7ef1582ea9c8dfd70e40675-s800-c85 HH03812 

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