Love Tea Bar

Production- photographs ©LTP

work collaborations

Love Tea Bar team up@ Global Love Festival

Love Tea Bar team up@ Global Love Festival

visual arts collaborations:
riverside studios, artist group show, london 1998
artist in residence window display: interactive installation space time, south lanes brighton 2000
supervision art show academy of arts grand parade brighton, 2 year show brighton 2001
tv documentary , london brighton 2001
petrusco photography, set designer, brighton
the boiler room, artist group show with circus kinetica, brighton
snoopers attic fashion, art collective collaboration with love tea bar, brighton 2013
jamie mac cartney, cast technician assistant, brighton 2010
phoenix & fabrica art galleries, art gallery administrator, brighton 2006-20012
knowledge art gallery, art collective collaboration with love tea bar, brighton
coeds hills, community & permaculture, wales art in residence personal work
brighton festival (2007) curated traveling show from whales to brighton
open house brighton festival 2007 & 2013
new england house studio one, art installation private studio, open house- open studio, brighton 2008-2009

rizzle kicks, easy star all star, 2right music production, london brighton 2010- 2011

arts festivals/events:
makers fairs traveling art and tea 2011-2014
glastonbury festival 2000-2011
playgroup festival 2011
beautiful days festival 2012
Bimble in: love tea bar pop up 2013
juice radio interview 2012
brighton arts club 2013
fringe festival 2014, tight modern show, brighton
private commission for portrait studio photography
group show, lewes foundry group show 2014 july

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