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Maestro Shaw ~Glyndebourne 

Last night, I was invited to the Glyndebourne opera house, I really didn’t want to miss out of seeing the magnificent apocalyptic paintings of Mr Shaw; by some great synchronicity, I discovered amazing music along with amazing art and breathtaking natural surroundings. Oh, and, it was full moon so the light was expectional, the weather hot; well, perfect for magic!
Glyndebourne and the White cube pop up art gallery (right) July 2016 

If you have the chance to visit  Glyndebourn this summer, do not forget to admire the work of Raqib Shaw at the pop up White Cube art gallery in the gardens.

And in London

About the Artist:

Today I came across this:

By Brueghel. 

The new opera house:


Towner Tate 

Going out of Brighton on the coast towards Eastbourne for a day, following my interview with Boutique Modern eco houses in Uckfield.

Not everyone know that the Tate open a wing adjacent to the theatre so here:

A nice day by the sea and a change of brighton scenery…


Random Art pop up show

Great evening, as always with the Random art team.

Today with guests artists:

Stevie Unknown & Cassettelord


Cassettelord & Rod Clark












New Tate Modern

There’ s an old building that got refreshed recently and open to the public last June. 

Great contemporary artists exhibiting ( females and males) 

A link to the massive Tate Modern throughout a new bridge for easy acess, so, go to see and don’t forget to get to the 10th floor to look at London as if you were a bird!


Africa at the Royal Pavilion

There s a new show in town that need to be seen for anyone who is in love with African fabrics!




Yayoi Kusama

Moi et Le pumpkin of Yayoi 🙂

An exhibition of new sculptures, paintings & mirror room installations spanning Victoria miro’s three galleries and waterside garden 

25may-30july 2016 

Great experience and must see, new pieces from this lush woman artist. Don’t miss it!


MA Fine Arts Brighton university

Lucy Dalano

Go to visit the MA Fine Arts at the Brighton faculty of arts before it’s gone! 

Here are some of my favourites artists that, I think, deserve some attention.

Lucy Delano: Great emergent woman artist, impeccable work, simple, concise, clean and … My favourite) perfect in many ways! I love it!

Susan Fynes, amazing detailed paintings. Abstract geometric patterns in massive scale. Inspiring!

The sound of JD Douglas is something of another dimension and I found that it can help your concentration! ( and imagination!)



Chris Drury & Daro Montag at the Onca Gallery Brighton

Chris Drury & Daro Montag at the Onca Gallery, a gallery that focuses on art practices and the environment issues. The gallery is situated in Brighton, UK.

Chris Drury is a British environmental artist, he has been making art since the 70’s. He is interested in making art that reveals and depicts the place where we live. He has worked in many places around the world, collecting essential pieces of the earth that we can encounter in his work in a gallery context today. At the Onca Gallery, you can discover some of the great works of this artist. Photographs, earth prints, installations of collected earth from around the world and beautiful 3-dimentional sculptures of mushrooms. You can also interact with one of the pieces on display. It is an educational art exhibition, its main focus is on the issue of climate change and perhaps how artists can contribute to raising awareness on this issue with the public in a gallery setting.

It was an honour for me to meet Chris and to be offered the opportunity to write about it for the blog of Onca gallery. I have studied art and shamanic practice, I came across Drury’s work when I was preparing an art installation in my studio in the New England house -an indoor zen garden- and his work has certainly inspired me along with other artists such as Richard long or Anthony Goldsworthy. I feel that Chris could be, in a way, a guardian of our earth, someone that appreciate the beauty that our planet has to offer. His work reflects a sense of “what it is “, almost as if his concerns was to document traces of life on earth.

His latest exhibition Earth bares in mind very important issues such as climate change, direct nuclear impact on our environment and English agricultural heritage.

Chris has recently collaborated with Kate Syrad with Cape Farewell, on the “Exchange” project about 3 farms in Dorset. The exhibition will be touring in Uk over the summer 2016 showing several prints of the experiment and research that took place in the farms and a beautiful large leather bound book.

The Cape Farewell project, founded by David Buckland is an international nonprofit programme that sends artists out to expeditions to raise awareness about climate change, to create links between art and science, working closely with artists to deliver  a clearer message of the issue to a wider audience.


Dr. Daro Montag is exhibiting downstairs at the Onca gallery, his art practice for many years has been involved with environmental and ecological issues. For the Earth exhibition, Daro Montag has created a cyclic art project that emerged originally from an expedition in the Andes in 2009 in collaboration with Cape Farewell programme. His art project “RANE-CHAR” use biochar to promote positive action to help combat climate change. A metamorphose of wooden objects that participate in producing more water and nutrients for our earth. The public is invited to actively participate in the ‘RANE-CHAR’ project becoming essential contributors in mapping the area where soil can be regenerate, becoming effectively part of the cyclic change that takes place.

The exhibition run until the 3rd of April, for more information on the programmes follow the links and visit the Onca gallery to found out how to take part in making a change.


Chris Drury Earth art show @Onca gallery Brighton

A must see in Brighton at the moment for all art and planète conscious people.

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