Documentary: Nostalgia for the Light by Patrizio Guzman

This is a great documentary that will make you aware of the reality of today’s Chilean people. What the massacre that has happened under the general Pinochet’s dictatorship, killing more than 30000 people, hiding bodies in the desert ground or in the sea and left families to despair finding any clues of the remain of their loved one.

The documentary speaks of truth and depict facts. The discourse of “Nostalgia from the light” of  Patrizio Guzman parallele thoughts of genocide social repercussions with astronomic research with the universe and question what are our bodies are made of and where we might be coming from. A wonderful philosophical depiction of the nature of our existence and our right of freedom.

The documentary open with a detailed depiction of the astronomy center of the desert Atacama where the massacre took place. Narrated and filmed with stunning photography, it is a beautiful poetic imagery in hommage to the Chilean people.

Patrizio Guzman’s new documentary “The Pearl Button” is out now in cinema, more magical frames on the way, not to be missed.