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Following the Brexit…

Today’s England future…under massive grey clouds -in the middle of July -following a disastrous Brexit result that put a nation under stress and worries about their future and those of their children…

Today, Theresa May is elected prime Minister:

“A UK Government is elected for a period of five years . The five years run from the first meeting of Parliament following the general election. The Prime Minister can stay in office as long as he a) wins the election b) has the backing of his party to remain as leader.” Internet Source

Bellow is what Theresa May has voted and her opinions on ruling us for the next five years:

Reading is strongly recommended: from My society data, they work for you.

Oh and for what she has voted above,

She gets paid £11,8333.333/monthly…

(That probably include a car with chauffeur and various secondary houses and residence abroad and numerous other benefits that the tax payers who voted “leave” are happy to substitute)

The picture is getting clearer:

Less ecology

More surveillance

More police 

Less freedom of speech

More privatisation

Can 80% (99%)of the English population actually afford to continue to live in such conditions?

No pay rise, less micro enterprises, private healthcare, housing cost rising, mortgage rate rising, expensive education… 

An England who care for its people? AnEngland  who value it’s working forces?

How can a country be standing strong and pride if there is no gratitude express to its citizens?

Worth reading is this article about the prime minister of United Kingdom Great Britain and Northern Ireland before Wikipedia disappear off the radar…
“Broken Britain is a term which has been used in The Sun newspaper, and by the Conservative Party to describe a perceived widespread state of social decay in the United Kingdom.” (Source Wikipedia)

Broken England thanks to you Conservative party…

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