Last night, I was invited to the Glyndebourne opera house, I really didn’t want to miss out of seeing the magnificent apocalyptic paintings of Mr Shaw; by some great synchronicity, I discovered amazing music along with amazing art and breathtaking natural surroundings. Oh, and, it was full moon so the […]

Maestro Shaw ~Glyndebourne 

curzon cinema
Going out of Brighton on the coast towards Eastbourne for a day, following my interview with Boutique Modern eco houses in Uckfield. Not everyone know that the Tate open a wing adjacent to the theatre so here: A nice day by the sea and a change of brighton scenery…

Towner Tate 

There’ s an old building that got refreshed recently and open to the public last June.  Great contemporary artists exhibiting ( females and males)  A link to the massive Tate Modern throughout a new bridge for easy acess, so, go to see and don’t forget to get to the 10th […]

New Tate Modern