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Hassan Hajjaj – we meet again this time in Melbourne’s triennial not Marrakesh !


Loo wisdom


Brighton town- home


Acca – Australian center for contemporary art- Melbourne

Acca art gallery, selection of what I saw there-

Current show unfinished business perspective on art and feminism.

Go visit.

Australian center for contemporary art


Royal Botanic garden Melbourne Australia

A wonderful visit amongst fabulous anciens trees birds songs and aborigènes tree species.

My aborigène interprétation of plants kingdom.


Australian delights

Delicious herbal tea from southern light herbs and amazing chocolate from the Yarra valley chocolaterie…yummy


Brighton photo fringe 2016 Tom Wood ~Spectrum –


Maestro Shaw ~Glyndebourne 

Last night, I was invited to the Glyndebourne opera house, I really didn’t want to miss out of seeing the magnificent apocalyptic paintings of Mr Shaw; by some great synchronicity, I discovered amazing music along with amazing art and breathtaking natural surroundings. Oh, and, it was full moon so the light was expectional, the weather hot; well, perfect for magic!
Glyndebourne and the White cube pop up art gallery (right) July 2016 

If you have the chance to visit  Glyndebourn this summer, do not forget to admire the work of Raqib Shaw at the pop up White Cube art gallery in the gardens.

And in London

About the Artist:

Today I came across this:

By Brueghel. 

The new opera house:


Boutique Modern: under construction!

This morning, under a beautiful July sky, I went to meet Mr Dick Shone to found out about Boutique modern in Uckfield, south England.


Boutique Modern

Boutique Modern at Old Mill in Chiddingly.

This is what Mr Shone has created, a stunning eco-structure home with a Californian twist. Discussing with Mr Shone, you realise that there are plenty new creative avenues to explore in term of building you eco-home in UK and abroad . Bearing in mind that we focus on experiencing our home life consciously, in harmony with nature, using its principal resources: air, water, wind and sun.

Eco houses for conscious life.

Let your imagination work things out as everything is possible when it comes to build your dream house! You can work out your ideas with people like Mr Shone, he is very approachable and professional, he will advise you on what is best for realising your architectural projects for your dream home. He is very knowledgeable in terms of eco-structure architecture, although so busy, he will take time off to speak to you with great enthusiasm.

The old Mill project can be visited, more information here:


in France:

Boutique Modern info:



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