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Boutique Modern: under construction!

This morning, under a beautiful July sky, I went to meet Mr Dick Shone to found out about Boutique modern in Uckfield, south England.


Boutique Modern

Boutique Modern at Old Mill in Chiddingly.

This is what Mr Shone has created, a stunning eco-structure home with a Californian twist. Discussing with Mr Shone, you realise that there are plenty new creative avenues to explore in term of building you eco-home in UK and abroad . Bearing in mind that we focus on experiencing our home life consciously, in harmony with nature, using its principal resources: air, water, wind and sun.

Eco houses for conscious life.

Let your imagination work things out as everything is possible when it comes to build your dream house! You can work out your ideas with people like Mr Shone, he is very approachable and professional, he will advise you on what is best for realising your architectural projects for your dream home. He is very knowledgeable in terms of eco-structure architecture, although so busy, he will take time off to speak to you with great enthusiasm.

The old Mill project can be visited, more information here:


in France:

Boutique Modern info:



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Green Hands Coachwerks project

I recently moved to a new district and tucked away from the busy Brighton & hove city center life, discovered a very active local eco art community group. It has been open for 9 years and it is a non-profit association run by various micro cooperatives and it is run by local people who volunteer to make the project happen.

I went there first to buy my daily shopping, there is a great eco shop, and then I was interested in getting some help with growing my own vegetable garden. There was a leaflet there just about this so I went to met the founder of the workshop, Matt.


“The project “Green hands” offer free help and advice to anyone wanting to grow more food in their homes….”

I had actually an issue myself with raising beds and the leaflet continue reading:

“…Whether it’s a raised- bed in your back garden (!) or just a few herbs on the windowsill, get in touch and we’ll do what we can to get you growing…”

so here, perfect. I rang Matt and went to meet him for some great advice. the workshop is open

WEDS & THURS 10.00-5PM

It’s a drop-in but ring Matt first on:

07518 485 342



It was really nice meeting Matt and I did resolve my architecture issue with my raised bed! I also learn about the art community center and what people do there. Amongst making beer, having a local shop and great artists exhibition, there is a new cafe opening, talks, evening events and information points for the local community life in Brighton.


The art center needs you and so do visit them as often as you can to support their great project.






Chris Drury Earth art show @Onca gallery Brighton

A must see in Brighton at the moment for all art and planète conscious people.

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